Home Tutoring Rates

Tutor Qualifications
STPM / Diploma University Students Graduate / Full-Time School Teachers
Student Level
Pre-school RM15 – RM25 RM20 – RM35 RM30 – RM50 RM30 – RM50
Lower Primary RM15 – RM25 RM20 – RM35 RM35 – RM50 RM35 – RM50
Upper Primary RM15 – RM30 RM25 – RM35 RM35 – RM55 RM40 – RM60
Lower Secondary RM20 – RM30 RM25 – RM40 RM40 – RM60 RM40 – RM65
Upper Secondary RM20 – RM30 RM30 – RM45 RM45 – RM65 RM45 – RM75
IGCSE/ UEC RM20 – RM30 RM30 – RM45 RM45 – RM65 RM45 – RM75
STPM / Diploma N/A RM35 – RM55 RM55 – RM80 RM60 – RM90
IELTS/ TOEFL N/A N/A RM60 – RM80 RM80 – RM120

The rates above are quoted on hourly basis.
The rates provided are estimates based on current market and is only used as a reference. It may vary according to tutor’s experience/qualification, the distance travelled by the tutor and the student’s academic achievement. The final rate will be up to the discretion of the tutor and agreed upon by the student.