About Us

About Tutor Trend

At Tutor Trend, we acknowledge the fact that each individual learns in his/her own preferred ways. Living in a generation where two-working-parent families and individualism are the new norms, students are more often than not, all by themselves when they face difficulties in their academics. We hope to be Malaysian students’ web-based platform in the pursuit of the home tutor who could guide you to success with lessons tailored according to your needs.

About Founder

The founder obtained a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Accounting from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and embarked on a journey of accountancy but it wasn’t long before she realised that the corporate life she was leading wasn’t what she wanted. Reminiscing through her secondary education, she could remember vividly the satisfaction she had tutoring students during year-end breaks and finally after an extended period of deliberation, she decided to quit her job for something she’s more passionate of – home tutoring.

Of course, it wasn’t smooth sailing at all when she first ventured into this unfamiliar field. With the lack of a functional network, looking for a student who required a home tutor was particularly challenging. She barely made ends meet by having several students for the first few months. The situation took a turn for the better when the number of students she had increased steadily.

Months passed and she enjoyed spending much of her hours tutoring a handful of students. However, due to limited time and knowledge, she had to decline multiple tuition requests – she could only do so much.  At times, she would feel helpless as parents struggled to look for the right tutor with the right price.

It was then that she realised a platform needs to be established to connect students who seek academic guidance with knowledgable and articulate home tutors. Tutor Trend was conceived and built with such conviction.